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Blog Posts 2021

Machines for Sale - September 2021
Spindle Replacement on a Kitamura Horizontal Machining Centre
Repair of XYZ 1060 VMC
Retro fitting a 4th axis to a Dugard Eco 1000 VMC
Failure to Boot - XYZ Vulcan
Installation of Hurco TM8i
4th axis cable - interface Detron Rotary table to Dugard VMC1000
Hardinge VMC1000ii - Blown 50A drive

Blog Posts 2020

Coolant Mist Extraction Unit Installation
VIPA PLC - Faulty 32bit Output Module
Another day, another spindle!
XYZ TC250 with noisy spindle *VIDEO*
Collapsed Bearings on Bridgeport VMC800
Common Failures - E/R Modules
Dugard ECO 1000 VMC Installation
Calibrating a tool setter on XYZ Turning centre with Siemens 810D
XYZ 250TC Live Tooling, machine sale and installation
Doosan DNM 5700 VMC with Siemens 828D control locked up
XYZ Vulcan 250 with intermittent turret clamp/unclamp faults *VIDEO*
Noisy Spindle and Poor Surface Finish
Hard Drive Data Loss & Data Corruption
Hurco VMX42 Drive Belt Failure
XYZ UMC 5-X (The Challenger) - Multiple drive & profinet errors
Takisawa T10 lathe with faulty hydraulic pump
Yang with Acramatic 2100 Control
Intermittent B Axis Encoder Faults on an XYZ 1060HS

Blog Posts 2019

CNC Laser Cutter
A factory fresh Mach 1062 VMC
We love XYZ Machine Tools!
Resolving a Siemens 611U Fault
Multiple Topology Errors
Refurb of a 30 year old machine
Control CNC is now using Service M8
We are proud sponsors of Stourport Swifts
Faulty Output Module
Retrofitting 4th Axis to Hardinge VMC600ii *VIDEO*
Regular Service and Alignment Checks
Remove and Refit of Spindles
Driven Tooling Realignment
Order your LED Worklights
Spindle Drive Belt Maintenance

Blog Posts 2018

Machine Maintenance for ISO Compliance
Reviewing a Botched Job
Siemens 810D CCU start-up procedure *VIDEO*
Common Failure on CCU Boxes
Multiple X Axis Alarms
Hardware Fault of Active Encoder
Hardinge VMC1000 gets replacement CCU1 *VIDEO*
Bearings Replaced - XYZ 710VMC
Tool Change Issues
Hardinge VMC Mill Recommissioned

Blog Posts 2017

Simple Housekeeping Saves Money
Regular Maintenance to extend lifespan of machine
Oil and Dirt Causes Contamination
Sinamics Rig Build *VIDEO*
NCU Battery or Fan Failure
Fanuc Robodrill Collision
611 Drive Replaced and Reset
Fast Turnaround on XYZ Mini Mill
Complete Control Lockout on an XYZ Lathe
50 year old Meger
Encoder Replacement on MAG Specht CNC
A Deublin Valve

Blog Posts 2016

Hardinge Bridgeport - Multiple Topology Errors
840D Powerline Rig with 611D drives

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