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Common Failure on CCU Boxes

Posted on 26th October 2018

"There's a funny smell coming from the Electrical Cabinet." 50A Spindle drive on Siemens 810D went bang. All three phases failed diode test (No surprise there).

This is a fairly common failure on CCU boxes, specifically on the 50A Spindle drive.

CCU box failure

Regularly check the connections are tight and if you have a Meger, check the motor and power cable resistance. Infinity reading is what we like to see however if you get readings over 100 meg ohms your motor should be ok.

At Control CNC we always do a full health check whenever we attend a failure like this as quite often failures like this are caused by something else failing such as a cable or motor.

In this case one of the blocks in the drive failed, regular preventative maintenance can lessen the chance of failures like this. Look after your machine and your machine will keep on producing!

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