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Regular Maintenance to Maximise your machine's lifespan

Posted on 23rd May 2017

CNC Machines are sensitive things often costing several hundred thousand pounds. In order to maximise their lifespan it is important to carry out regular housekeeping and checks.

We were called to this particular job after the Machine was shutdown over the Easter period, unfortunately when it was turned back on, carbon dust had settled on the drives and caused tracking on the main board of the E/R module which resulted in a large bang and a £10,000 module to self destruct.

After a thorough health check, replacement E/R module and 3 mains 200A fuses, we were able to get the machine running again.

Simple Maintenance reduces repairs

Unfortunately as a result the NC had lost it's memory, we reloaded the most up to date backup was from July 2016 and the Setter/Operator had to spend time resetting the machine offsets and tool datas.

Look after your CNC machines

All this was avoidable by simple housekeeping, a daily check and clean of the electrical cabinets would minimise risk of contamination and huge repair bills.

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