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XYZ Vulcan 250 with intermittent turret clamp/unclamp faults

CNC Machine Maintenance Service

Posted on 22nd May 2020

This was a frustrating issue for our customer on his XYZ Vulcan 250. This turning centre was suffering with intermittent turret clamp / unclamp faults which was disrupting production of vital ventilator components.

After a quick investigation we found there was excessive backlash on the intermediate gear within the turret caused by the keyway rolling over. The collar on the intermediate shaft had broken free and was slipping causing the lateral movement of shaft during clamp / unclamped operation to be compromised.

We were able to repair the shaft by welding it up, regrinding and eliminating the backlash by using an oversize key.

Since being reassembled it hasn’t missed a beat or faulted once.

A 17 year old machine back to producing at full capacity for NHS proactive components.

Control CNC Services Ltd have lots of genuine parts for your machine, please contact us using the green button at the top of this page. We can help you book a service, quote you for a repair or help you purchase the best quality parts for you business.

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