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Collapsed Bearings on Bridgeport VMC800

Posted on 5th August 2020

The X axis was immediately tripping out on this 1998 Bridgeport VMC800 when trying to reference, we were called in as the customer suspected the faults were caused by a faulty servo drive or servo motor.

Motor passed insulation and balance test, the servo drive passed the diode check so we had to dig deeper.

Next stage was to remove the motor and try and jog the axis, the motor moved freely however the ballscrew was locked solid.

On closer inspection we found the bearings had collapsed. New bearings ordered and this 22 year old machine will live to see another day.

Quite often faults can be deceptive, it appeared initially that the root cause was an electrical issue however a few simple tests uncovered a mechanical failure causing the servo drive & motor to overload.

Bridgeport VMC800


Collapsed Bearings

Collapsed Bearings

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